Working in Germany? Yes. Working in Franconia? For sure!

When you think of Germany, you’ll probably first think of the “hip” major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. But Germany has so much more to offer. If you’re looking for exciting professional challenges which at the same time fit any station of life, you’ll more likely than not find these in the economically strong rural regions. Particularly in Franconia. Even more particularly, in Treppendorf near Bamberg. But let’s do this in proper order.

Job security, low cost of living, tons of recreational opportunities- why the so-called “provinces“ come out on top

No matter whether you go for the city or the country life, there’s always compromise involved. The cities may attract you with their vibrancy and their cultural offerings. On the other hand, attractive apartments, and especially affordable ones, are rare, and often you need to rely on word of mouth to get one. If you have a two-room flat in a city like Berlin, for example, you’d get a house with garden for the same rent in the surrounding countryside.

The advantages of working in a rural region are obvious: the air is often cleaner, and natural attractions like mountains, lakes and forests are right next door. Rural social structures also make it easier for strangers to become acquaintances and for acquaintances to become friends. Local clubs and societies along with good neighborliness promote social cohesion, allowing newcomers to become part of the community faster. But here’s the greatest advantage, probably: nowhere is qualified professional staff in greater demand. The rural regions are home to many of Germany’s legendary medium-sized companies, often world leaders in their industries. As a result, attractive working conditions, career opportunities and long-term job security are all on offer.

Franconia, Bamberg, Treppendorf – Where music has made its home

Karta över Franken, Tyskland

Germany’s economy is the fourth largest in the world, and Franconia in Bavaria is one of the strongest-performing regions economically. Due to its natural beauty and rich cultural history, it is also one of Germany’s most-loved holiday destinations. Cities and towns like Nuremberg, Würzburg, Bayreuth and Bamberg are its cultural centres; all of them are within easy reach by rail of other major cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Prague.

Innumerable cultural institutions offer a wide variety of leisure-time activities. Picturesque castles and palaces and five UNESCO World Heritage Sites await your discovery. There’s no limit to the outdoor and sports activities available in the Steigerwald, Fränkische Alb and Fränkische Schweiz mountain ranges.

Still, this may be the best thing about Franconia: it’s where music has made its home. Bayreuth is Richards Wagner’s town. Nuremberg hosts dozens of concerts and festivals featuring international superstars every year, for example “Classic Open Air” and “Rock im Park”.

And Treppendorf, a small village near Bamberg – a town, by the way, that is itself known for its international rap scene – is home to the “musicians’ paradise”. This is where Thomann has its headquarters, the world’s largest retailer for musical instruments and light, sound and stage equipment.

Tens of thousands of instruments - and a plethora of career opportunities

Founded in 1954, Thomann today is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Germany. As an industry leader, the family company truly is a “hidden champion”, sending orders to more than 16 million customers all over the world through its webstore.

The warehouse, the largest in the industry, stocks around 110,000 items from nose flutes to concert grand pianos, from the shortest, thinnest cables to huge control units for light and event technology. You’ll also find Europe‘s largest music store on the Thomann campus: a shop floor of more than 5,500 sqm, being extended to over 10,000 sqm right now, welcoming people from the region and musicians from all over Europe to discover and try out new musical instruments.

More than 1,500 staff are busy in Treppendorf looking after the needs and desires of musicians all over the world. The expert services department with its specialized workshops alone employs more than 170 staff who are responsible for maintenance, care and repair of defective items. The customer service department’s team of 200 processes customer enquiries from all over the world – in 25 languages.

Teamwork, openness and mutual respect characterize the way we work together

So, what awaits you at Thomann? First of all, a unique team spirit, characterized by our open-hearted and personal cooperation. Like in a band, every member contributes to the perfect sound. Today, staff from more than 45 countries share our passion for music. Diversity, tolerance and equality of opportunity are therefore as vital to us as respectfully and fairly treating each other.


This is what makes Thomann so attractive to workers from abroad and where you’ll find the best entry opportunities

Stefanie Bischoff HR hos ThomannAn interview with Stefanie Bischoff, HR officer

How would you describe the Thomann Spirit?

One of our greatest strengths is surely our cohesion. We see ourselves as a team here, a team in which everyone can follow their professional passion. This is what it’s like in every department. And for most of us, this passion is music – even for those who don’t play an instrument. I’m convinced that we work in the world’s best industry. People usually have exclusively positive feelings about music, and this is something you just notice in your day-to-day interactions.

What is it that makes Thomann so attractive to employees from abroad?

Unlike many other companies, internationality is part of our DNA. People from more than 45 countries work on our premises in Treppendorf. This is the one thing that allows us to properly help our customers from all over the world personally and professionally. To a degree, this is also the secret of our success. I am convinced that this internationality, practiced every day, makes it easier for new staff to find their home here and characterizes our team spirit.

How do you support new international staff at Thomann?

Even before new colleagues join us, our “relocation team” is there to assist them in looking for accommodation, dealing with local bureaucracy and advise and support them in person with any question or problem they may encounter. In addition, Thomann offers free language classes and workshops.

Where do you see the best entry opportunities with Thomann at the moment?

We are always looking for strong communicators to join our customer service. You don’t have to be a musician yourself. We welcome applications from people with experience in customer services as well as from people who want a career change or re-enter employment.

Your language skills are what counts, but most of all you have to enjoy dealing with people. I always like to recommend this article to anyone interested in “customer service”.


Benefits awaiting you at Thomann

One thing’s a must: working at Thomann has to be fun! But there are also other tangible attractive benefits for our employees:

  • as one of the largest employers in the region, we guarantee long-term job security
  • regular working hours to ensure good work-life balance
  • every employee receives one month’s salary as a bonus
  • free access to the company gym with state-of-the-art equipment
  • band rooms for rehearsal and private jam sessions, with top-end equipment
  • healthy, tasty and affordable food served daily in, the company restaurant
  • staff discount on instruments and equipment
  • free events and discounts
  • the unique Thomann Spirit including musical ambience


Feel like sharing our passion for music?

We are always looking for open-minded, dedicated staff who are ready to take on responsibility. In exchange, there will be plenty of space for your development. Who knows, maybe you’ll be managing your own team soon!

Find all vacancies here or just get in touch with us on Whatsapp +49 9546-9223-1187

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